Monday, March 9, 2009

sleep is for SUCKAS!

9:00am: Wake-up after a full 8 hours (YES). Start the day by unwinding, watch "The Core." Not really a good movie, but it keeps me from continuing my mid-term studying.
11:00am: Walk Buddy. Wolfman went to Chicago this week, so the fat old beagle has rarely left my side when i'm home and i take advantage of the beautiful morning to "take him out for a spin."
noon: Start mid-term studying which is researching 20 essay questions in the field of Environmental Ethics and writing a half page response to each. To keep my spirits high I am watching the 4th season of Macgyver in the back ground.
10:00pm: Jump in the shower, shave, trim nails, get into uniform, head to work.
11:00pm: Start work, work is a lot of running around frantic throwing boxes and dog food bags (no naps).
7:30am: Get off work drop Will off and head home.
8:00am: close my blinds, set my alarm and crash.
11:00am: Get up can continue studying (special thanks to Wildcard i would usually need to be at Capstone by 9:30, but I asked for some time to study/sleep.
noon: Head to class, take test do marginally well.
1:30pm: Head to an apartment to work for Capstone.
5:00pm: Get home, cook dinner for Sledge and I, began research outline for presentation.
7:30pm: CRASH with Buddy on the Love seat, yes both of us on that TINY THING.
9:00pm: Jump in the shower, shave, change into uniform, head to work.
10:00pm: Another great night of baking goods, and dog food.
6:30am: Get off work head home, kick Sledge to get him to go jogging with me. He won't. Call John "Wildcard" Creagar to see if he wants to work out. Finish beer i had opened with dinner a mere 12 hours ago.
7:10am: Wildcard show up, we head to the rec and pump iron P90X style.
8:30am: home for a shower
9:00am: accidental crash
11:00am: wake up late for work and class. head to work, then class,then a meeting, then back to work.
5:30pm: Home for a little grub, then some Chuck, then hitting the books again to work on a presentation.
8:00am: A few guys come over to play Rock Band.
Midnight: Spend sometime fallin' back in love with Danielle
1:30am: Off to bed with me, up tomorrow at 7:00am
see you then

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