Saturday, January 31, 2009


Jan 31, 2009
nothing really important or exciting. did a little research regarding TESTOSTERONE and what it might be doing to my body. The experiment continues as scheduled.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Jan 30, 2009
Woke up, played racquetball with wildcard (john creagar) then returned home to make breakfast. my new diet is heavy on protein, so i slice a couple chunks off a pork loin and threw it in the pan, then proceeded to wash dishes, when it came time to turn the pork there were no utensils available, so i just used my hand (very quickly). Although i have never done this before i don't think its to far off the norm. Then to work, and class, nothing of interest besides how INCREDIBLY hungry i was all day. After class things got interesting spent sometime on my heavy bag, it felt GOOD, then the rest of the night could be summed up with the word anger. Playing Jenga while on T is an incredible experience which ended with me assaulting the other players with the blocks. anyway friends and i continued to play video games with a silent rage ever growing every time i lost at Mortal kombat/DC comics. I got to the point where i realized i needed to give the remote to someone else quickly. then home to bed still a little angry. tomorrow i'm fishing, this could be interesting.
peace out.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


As i open my bottle of swallowable capsuled manliness this morning i was embraced by a smell. Not exactly the smell i would label "man," but a smell equally as foul. Today i also started my training diet. That's right, for the next 3 months i will be miserably hungry while pursuing "physical fitness." On an unrelated topic there is indeed a trick to eating raw collard greens or any leafy vegetable and if any would like to know it i would be happy to share. But now on to the buiz

Jan 29, 2009 TESTOSTERONE Overload Day 1 (TOD1)
I took my pills today shortly before noon and proceeded to have a lunch of dehydrated mango chunks and a 4oz fillet of cod which did indeed explode in the microwave this made it considerable harder to eat. I had to literally reach into the microwave and peel small pieces of fish of the interior before consuming them. I would like to contribute this to TESTOSTERONE (from now on T) but i have done very similar actions in the past unaided by additional male hormones. I then grabbed a handful of raw collard greens and hit the door for class. i believe this is a good time to express a concern. It is possible that i will indeed be "changing" but since it is a chemical thing for me i might not even realize it. so i have decided to type about everything and you can decided. case in point: i do admit it was more difficult than usual to ignore my EXTREMELY beautiful teammate in class, but i don't think anything to out of the ordinary. Later that day i did have some odd colored . . . (sorry). Played a few video games (i really don't play that much, but i think this might have some visible effects with the T, do you understand?) perhaps less exciting than yesterday. Ichthus, nothing, back to work, nothing, home maybe a little restless. That's the day, more tomorrow

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

T-BOMB Experiment

While my roommate Wolfman and myself were visiting our local General Nutrition Center (GNC) in Manhattan's lovely Towne Center Mall he happed upon a product. This product PEAKED our interest, and created a BURNING desire within me to have a little "social experiment."
The product as you may have guessed by now is named T-BOMB. This product is a supplement. "What kind of supplement ranger?" you might ask. in which i would respond . . . "a TESTOSTERONE supplement! HELL to the YA, BABY!!!!!" After a little math we discovered that there was a 28 day supply of T-BOMB which boasted not to "increase", not to "double", but to TRIPLE TESTOSTERONE levels in your body while reducing that pesky, woosy estrogen.
So the experiment . . . i decided that i will write one blog now discussing my general feelings and moods then for the next 28 day i will take these supplements and try to continue recording my thoughts/feelings/carnage(s) for as long as i am able to operate a computer without slipping into a fit of blind rage and throwing it and the toilet at a passing UPS van. I will then try to continue the blog if not incarcerated by this time to discuss the "downhill side" after the drug . . . i mean supplement runs out.
So your first question might be, "Is it safe?"
My response, "WHO CARES! its T!" But no seriously TESTOSTERONE has been found to be a "controlled substance" which means those taking these supplements could become addicted to TESTOSTERONE. That's right you heard it here it is addicting to be a male. Luckily i already am one so on to question two.
"Are you taking any precautionary measures."
answer "Yes." I would like to apologize in advance to all of those who deal with me regularly for any excessive "Manliness" i might exhibit during the course of this experiment. This is the cost of science, and i am willing to pay it (i certainly hope you are too). John i am sorry, but the whole "Fix thing" criteria of the job might not work for me especially if it doesn't fly after the first time. Secondly i have also discussed the experiment at length with one of my roommates. The others will unfortunately be part of the "control group" and will not be told until it is far to late to purchase helmets, cups, clubs, or even deadbolts.
"Any hypothesises?"
I believe that there will be heightened levels of aggression, and apathy. Most likely shorter amounts of patience and longer amounts of "Kick Ass." My desire for fruits and vegetables will reach an ALL TIME LOW while my red meat cravings will possibly send me casing cattle or jumping head long into one of those refrigerator displays at our local supermarket. Possibly the "supplement" would allow me to sleep less while hopelessly devastating more! Then the whole ego thing could be interesting too. Lets not forget hairiness or body odors, two other areas i am planning to see myself in peak performance in. Then of course flight is always a possibility as well.
Any further questions . . . alright let us begin.

Jan 28th 2009
i woke up late, went to work. Ended up a little frustrated at a closet i was painting, but no altercations. I proceeded to class uneventfully able to keep focused for a majority of the time. Then home to play shooting video games with moderate enjoyment and little to no bloodlust. Went shopping, then to the bars with Wolfman (slightly less interesting since i no longer drink), then to dillion's for lunch with Sledge. I bought a bunch of 5 tiny bananas which i am sure were a hybridization between cucumbers and cotton. Although i am upset with my purchase not so much as to express it physically. Then i returned home and eventually off to bed.