Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh well

Well as you might know the T experiment is over and i am saddened to report that i am neither dead nor the ruler of a South American country, but i feel as if this experiment has spurred me on to greater and more challenging experiments. My buddy mike suggested that i take estrogen for a month, but this is nowhere near as appealing to me as the T plus it kinda . . . well . . . scares me. i'm crazy but not E crazy. No, no i have settled on a . . . safer idea.

Last winter my peeps and i constructed a sled (Isee Grav) and had an INCREDIBLE time with it. This winter came, but no snow, so we never had a chance to build another sled. So i have decided to build a spring sled. Yes that's correct a land luge. To facilitate this and the $3,700 i now owe Uncle Sam i have attained a second job. i will be pulling an additional 40 hours a week Sun, Mon, Wed, and Fridays 10:00 pm- 8am. This will help me stay honest with my "Odd Habit" decision. I plan on making a video to show the plan and construction of the luge, so be looking for that. I also need your help. Should the luge be name "Pushin' Up Daises" or "Fashionably Late" (Not that we arrive at a location attractively behind schedule, but that we Die with style; get it?)

Another unrelated note Check it out. I registered a while back and encourage you to do the same.

But no seriously i think i'm in love with Danielle. Check her out youtube "danielle ate the sandwich". my favs Wanderer, Afterwards, We are Hot Dogs, Dream a Little Dream of Me, Ode to Optophobia, Things We Have in Common, Handsome Girl

later 'gator


Liz.EJ.Lizzard.Elizabeth. said...

I vote "Pushin' Up Daisies"
for anyone else I would worry about them gettin genough sleep, but since it's you, Good luck on the second job!

Chris said...

I've heard of some really strange things that happened to guys taking estrogen supplements.