Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Big Tribute to a Little Dog

What is it about animals that allows us to create such a powerful bond? We cannot speak the same language, we don't view the world the same, and we share very few activities. We often find ourselves upset with the animal for a myriad of things. Eating or otherwise destroying an item that we found valuable, going to the bathroom not in the bathroom, or merely being that one last thing on a long day. They can be a constant drain on our finances needing, food and costing us additional rent, as well as the occasional vet bill or visit to the friendly animal control officer. When things are lined up like this its hard to believe that we would have anything to do with such an animal none the less seek out their companionship. But this is only half the list. The other half of the list is full of . . . well love. Animals provide us with an opportunity. An opportunity to be vulnerable to something no no someone, someone that will never betray us, someone that will love us no matter how well we did on or macroeconomics test or how many speeding tickets we've received. We allow animals to love us when we allow no one else, not even ourselves. They are there quietly waiting for an opportunity to do what they do best. This is quickly turning into a sappy gushy piece which i hope never to write, but i do want to remind those with pets to take a few moments tonight and appreciate them a little more. Buddy Spot Perkinson passed away This afternoon. This overweight beagle/basset mix squirmed his way into many a heart and i know he will be missed. Although he was not even my dog, but the dog of a friend, i already miss him greatly. i have no reservation in saying that this world is worse off without him.


Liz.EJ.Lizzard.Elizabeth. said...

Oh Buddy, you lovable pooch. I really hope all dogs go to heaven.

I Dream of Scotland said...
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I Dream of Scotland said...

Ah, Buddy. I am sorry for your and your roomates' loss. I know he was loved and will be missed.