Friday, April 24, 2009


i have insomnia and feel like blogging however i feel that i lack one good coherent thought to make a decent blog so i will instead take several of my past "almost posts" and run them together to make an indecent blog. a new topic will be set apart by its title inside dashes like this --new title--.

I had insomnia in high school. it hasn't bothered me much since then, but i fear that it is once again returning. Since i left the happy employ of dillion's store #15 (3 weeks on saturday) i have been able to fall asleep before 3 am once, and most often see the sunrise before i finally meet up with the good 'ole sand man. Where did we get the idea that we fall asleep because some weirdo comes to our room and dumps sand on us . . . ? anyway i digress. its weird for some reason i can only use small amounts of time for anything productive. i often find myself planning my actions in the case of a zombie invasion, or discovering that i can put my hair in pig tails (this is KINDA scary).

--Sad Songs & Waltzs--

Over the last month i have learned a great many things about myself. Some of these things i believe really apply only to me, but you may find some wisdom in one of them, so here they are.
When you need to stay awake: see how long you can go without blinking
dance as opposed to walk where you need to go
try to spell things you're working with backwards
When drinking a pale ale corn chips go with them great

--Square Peg--

A few days back i was cursed with the misfortune of thinking about my future, but unlike usual i realized that God could tell me what He had in store for me, in fact, i had a feeling that all i had to do was ask and He would happily reveal it to me. i started to ask, but a smile broke over my face and i looked heavenward, shook my head, "not a chance, i wouldn't want to spoil it" then i went back to worship.
a computer beat me at chess once, but as it turns out i'm a much better kick boxer.

--Summer Whoas--

i think that is the wrong kind of whoa, but i have no idea how to spell the other so you get the point. Although i am honestly glad to see the warmer weather come there are a few things i will miss. First of all FLANNEL, sweet mercy i miss my flannel from April to October. #2 it has been 50 degrees in our house (because we're cheap) since middle of October and now it will be 90 degrees (because we're cheap). Three sleeping in my bag. When it hits 90 i'm gonna hafta try to find some place to hang my hammock again. Also sledge will be moving into my room right after finals. i love this man a great deal and would do almost anything for him (a conversation i had with him and wolfman tonight about helping hide bodies proved that to me) but he SNORES. granted i do a little as well, or so i've been told, but that will stop once i get back to my normal weight.

--Life Goals--

i'd like to learn to play the harmonic well
i'd like to get my pilots license
i'd like to improve my omelet making skills
i'd like to . . . no, i think that covers it

--three two beer--

i am not sure why this bothers me, but it does. i was shopping for party supplies with wolfman at Whiskey Tango-Mart and while i was standing in one of many ridiculously long lines i noticed a number of people buying beer. i'm sure that this is a fairly common practice on a Saturday afternoon. Now i guess i don't have to big of a beef with those who are buying A six pack, but a lot of these "drinking age" wal-mart customers were loading up and some only had their beer. Now first its called a liquor store for a reason. second of all sweet mercy why spend 30 bucks on cases of NASTY 3.2 Bud Light when there are SO MANY BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED beers out there.

--past memories--

Today i grabbed my old mp3 player and my runnin' shoes and hit the pavement. Amongst my pain a few songs from my "past" slipped through,and i was amazed how these songs that i hadn't heard in years carried such an incredible weight of memories. So yeah, most of the songs linked to memories were about girls,but i think music is incredibly big part of relationships. If i were you this would be the point i would stop reading, but if you are really interested in the songs that have been hardwired to relationships of my past i guess keep reading.

Amy: Here Without You, 3 Doors Down
Iris, Goo Goo Dolls
Be Mine, Grits
This is My United States of Whatever, Liam Lynch
Break-up: Life After Lisa, Bowling For Soup

Alexandria: Bless the Broken Road, Rascall Flatts
Break-up: Be My Escape, Relient K

Jayme: 18th Floor Balcony, Blue October
Jamie, Weezer
Break-up: Where'd You Go, Fort Minor

Annalise: All Night Long, Lionel Richie

Other memories tied to songs:
Thad and Ash: More Than Words, Extreme
Thad's Batch Party: Canada, Five Iron Frenzy
Tennis Practice: Sufficiency of Grace, Greg Long

--i hate people--

i hate VERY few individual people, but our population as a whole, i despise. the majority of the people that make up this great country of ours fit into one of two groups 1. mindless sheep, they don't really care about what is going on in our government, as long as they can vote for their favorite american idol and complain about this "economy" they're content. 2 complainers this group is not content with things as they are and insist upon change however these complainers are by some strange twist of fate basically spread evenly on both sides of every issue, so that no matter what happens we always have the same number of complainers.

well that has been all my ramblings for the last couple weeks
hasta pasta
p.s. what time zone on God's green Earth is the clock at the bottom of these blogs set for. i posted this puppy at 4:38am.