Wednesday, February 11, 2009

T squared

First of all i would like to apologize for falling so far behind on the T updates i just didn't have anything to report. i am currently on TOD14, and up to this point i feel that i have had no undeniable T filled effects (besides my GREATLY inflated ego of course which can you really blame me for, i mean i am pretty amazing). Up to this point i have been . . . disappointed. i however blame this lack of "unquenchable rage" upon myself and only myself (the guys at the "T-Bomb" factory should count their lucky FREAKIN' stars that this one isn't coming back to them). When i read the bottle promising three times the normal amounts of T i assumed that they were talking to me, but after some careful thought i realized that no one at the "T-Bomb" factory could have known of the exceedingly high amounts of T already coursing through my extremely MANLY, tone, and rock hard body. Some interesting facts: i have read that men are considerably less sensitive to hormones then women. i also learned that the average man has 80 to 90 times the amount of T in his system than a woman. So back to the plot, since i have not had any noticeable effects i am as of tonight doubling my dosage. Advantages: when i walk down the street and see another guy i can say that i have at LEAST six times the amount of T that he does and if i see a woman i can say i have at least 480 times the amount of T then she does (at first i thought this would be a good pick-up line, but now i am starting to question it, i think i'll stick with the "how much does a penguin weigh?"). If nothing happens i will be done taking pills sooner.
So i am somewhat frightened that i might become a little. . . intense. Luckily i only have 7 increased doses, so within a week i will be either dead or the ruler of a small South American country. Only time will tell.

p.s. check out "Danielle Ate the Sandwich" on youtube. she is beautiful, talented, and pretty weird. She's batting three for three on my future mrs. ranger checklist

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